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Ferrari 812 Superfast Custom Wheel Rims.

Ferrari 812 Superfast Custom Wheel Rims.

The Ferrari 812 Superfast Custom Wheel Rims you see here are screaming performance because they are born with the LOMA TrackSpec® Technology. Superlight in their construction, you can race with them all day long without having issues with your 24-month custom rims warranty. We aim to make your life easier, not create restrictions. When speaking about the Ferrari 812 Superfast, there is so much to talk about performance and the look. Looks like the customers love this car, but nearly all owners do not like the factory rims. We at LOMA have a very long history for the Ferrari brand, and we know that the rim problem is all over the place and not just for the Superfast. This beauty here received the LOMA NF1 Superlight forged wheels in T6065 European aluminum, making the rims much more lightweight than the factory wheels. Competition Grey is the finish, and the sizes are 21 Inches all around, just like on the Ferrari F12 TDF. This customer requested to have the stock Ferrari center caps, and of course, we did so.

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