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Ferrari 812 Superfast Deep Concave Custom Wheels.

Ferrari 812 Superfast Deep Concave Custom Wheels.

Ferrari 812 Superfast with Deep Concave Custom TrackSpec® Wheels by LOMA is killing it!

Ferrari 812 Superfast Deep Concave Custom Wheels by LOMA are coming with a sexy center lock optic that gives the prancing horse even more sportive aggression. The beauty of LOMA’s Ferrari 812 Superfast deep concave custom wheels is that they are born with the TrackSpec® Technology, and that gives you the freedom to race your car on weekends without losing your 24-month warranty on your Ferrari custom wheels.

Ferrari 812 Superfast Deep Concave Custom Wheels MCS TrackSpec® .

The Superlight construction combined with the TrackSpec® technology is made to feel the car due to reduced unsprung mass in its core. Enjoying your 812 Superfast custom wheels daily is what we aim for, and here we are. The LOMA MCS-TrackSpec® Forged Wheels are here for you. On the front, we roll on 21x10,5 with 285/30 R21 and the rear with 22x12,0 and 335/25 R22. The offset is made to flush with your fenders, but still, you will have the possibility to lower the Superfast if you wish so.

Custom Colors for the inner like Lime Green Sirius.

Let's come to another exciting part of your LOMA forged wheels which is the finish. Many customers are asking how we manage to have such an excellent finish. Besides the fact that we are doing what we are doing for over 13 years now daily, we aim for the special one that nobody can knock off that easy. Before we powder coat your rims, we anodize them. The anodizing process compresses the aluminum to the max. It creates a super smooth surface, but that makes the painting process very hard, as the liquid color will create tears or drops if you want to call it so. So the only way to do it entirely is to use paint robots with the entire surface in a 3D scan in their system and measure 22,000 times in second the surface to decide how much color needs to be used for a perfect finish. AI technology was invented last year in the LOMA Group, and it is getting better and better. Contact us today to discuss your bespoke rims and the finish that will display your personality at its best.

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