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Ferrari F8 Tributo Custom Forged Wheels.


Ferrari F8 Tributo with LOMA Blackforce One Custom Forged Wheels.

Ferrari F8 Tributo Custom Forged Wheels by LOMA with the TrackSpec® Technology are called Blackforce One and give the Ferrari an even more menacing look. The beauty of the Ferrari F8 Tributo custom forged wheels is that they are made for track-days and, so you can have fun with your F8 while keeping the 24-month warranty on your Ferrari wheels. Ferrari F8 Tributo with 828 HP's is killing it! LOMA is offering another neck-breaker for the Ferrari F8 Tributo. A staggering power-upgrade to 828 horsepower and increase from 720 Nm to some mind-blowing 900 Nm!

When we spoke to the CEO of the LOMA Group, Mario Radosavljevic, he told us: that it is only Stage 1 with a straightforward and simple installation of our Performance Chip. There was no change on the exhaust-system, down-pipe, or air-filter. We saw on the Dyno while testing was an increase of only +15%, which is literally nothing for this beautiful engine. A Stage 2 version is in the making and will crack the 1000 HP mark. Of course, we deliver the Stage 1 package with a full warranty for engine, transmission, and differential, so you have a no-brainer.

F8 Tributo Custom Wheels in 21/22 Inches.

Reducing the Unsprung mass for the Ferrari F8 Tributo is essential!

The Ferrari F8 Tributo is designed to perform, and as on every Sport- or Supercar, weight is a significant factor. In this case, Unsprung mass. By reducing only 1 Kilogram on an alloy wheel, you have a multiplication factor by five on a non-rotating group which means, by lowering just 1 Kilogram on one single rotation, it would be the same as you have reduced 5 Kilogram weight from your car as soon as it drives faster than 40 kph. Now LOMA Wheels is known for making the most lightweight forged wheels in the industry. Usually, the rims are about 2-3 Kilograms lighter than from the factory. If you multiply this now by 4 wheels and then by 5, you will get some mind-blowing numbers because every single kilo counts when we talk performance.

The LOMA BLACKFORCE ONE custom wheels are designed to reduce weight as much as possible and give the brake system enough space to cool out on performance days. It is made out of the best European T6065 forged aluminum that allows LOMA to provide you with as a customer an unlimited warranty for street and track use with no compromise. Contact us today to get your package ready.

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