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Ferrari Pista Custom Forged Wheels.

Ferrari Pista Custom Forged Wheels in satin Beluga Black.

Ferrari Pista Custom Forged Wheels with LOMA MCS TrackSpec® Technology in Satin Beluga Black ready for Rock and Roll.

The Ferrari Pista Custom Forged Wheels in satin Beluga Black are equipped with the LOMA TrackSpec® Technology which means, that you can have track-day fun with your Pista without compromising your 24-month rims warranty. Another excellent point for your new Ferrari Pista custom forged wheels is that they are coming with a center-lock design which adds even more uniqueness and sportiness to your Ferrari. The center-lock design is achieved without a floating cap which LOMA can deliver with the Ferrari Scuderia logo as an aftermarket part or as LOMA logo, so everyone understands right from the start what you are driving. We offer these stunning-looking signature wheels for the stock tires or a size bigger. The LOMA MCS TrackSpec® custom wheels are just awesome!

Ferrari Pista Custom Forged Wheels in Lime Green Sirius with satin Beluga Black.

When it comes to the finish, this is where LOMA shines all over the place. At first, we anodize your Ferrari wheels. Then we apply the unique satin Beluga Black color to receive this irresistible finish. Suppose you are not a fan of black Ferrari rims. In that case, we also offer Liquid Titanium or competition Silver, to name a view.

Show stopper with the Lime Green Sirius. Many other finishes are available.

When it comes to the finish, this is where LOMA shines all over the place. One of the most important facts is that if you look at your OEM Ferrari wheels, you will notice that they are standing inside the fender on the front and the rear and feel as if they would not fit correctly. Usually, this is about 12 mm on Ferraris, and we think that we all can agree that looks not nice. We choose a more aggressive offset where the fender still covers the tires, but the rims are flushing nicely with the chassis. The car behaves much better due to the wider stance, but it also looks larger. So if you are looking to give your Ferrari Pista a unique and striking look, contact us today to discuss your bespoke options and transform the Pista into your Ferrari.

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Stealth mode in Satin Beluga Black.

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