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Ferrari Pista Custom Wheels.

Ferrari Pista Custom Wheels.

These Ferrari Pista Custom Wheels are born with the LOMA Motorsport DNA, and that's why they are equipped with our TrackSpec® Technology. This means that you can go and have fun on the race track with them daily without losing the warranty of your LOMA Ferrari Pista Custom Wheels. The Ferrari 488 Pista looks like coming from a qualification round right out of LeMans. So many fans out there are celebrating this gorgeous design. The truth about this supercar is, rarely will you see it driven on the race track. If we take Monaco as an example, you see the Pista pretty often going down the road to the F1 tunnel or searching for parking at the Larvotto garage in Monte Carlo. We mean that we enjoy seeing this beauty often on the streets of Monaco or London and celebrate its design too. By as so often, if you saw one, you saw nearly all of them. Almost all of them have the same spec, the same exterior design, and so when they meet, and you have a bunch of supercars one by one standing, it looks like not that special anymore. Not like in a city where you can pray to God to see at least 1 time in 2 or 3 years one of these supercars. No, in Monaco, this is a daily picture. Precisely that is the reason for so many out there that want to modify theirs, at least with a set of bespoke forged wheels. No, you can say, wait a minute, Ferrari Tuning for a limited edition model is blasphemed as the car's value will decrease. Well, let's take a look at it and be a bit more honest about such a vehicle's investment. Suppose you would sit in a city where you rarely or nearly never see a car like this on the street. In that case, you can speculate and fantasize about some rising values. Still, take a closer look in Monaco to stay on this example. You will quickly find out that a car's value is only realistic if you have at least one crazy person to pay you more for a pre-owned car than you paid for it brand new.

One of the most famous examples, in this case, is the Lamborghini Aventador SV that is offered as a pre-owned model for around 450.000 to 550.000 Euros. They stand so long in the car dealerships that the tires already getting flat because nobody wants to pay that much more for it. The same is for the Pista and others. A couple of them are for sale in Monaco and still not sold because of the crazy price their owners asking for.

If we get this as a fact, we have to ask one thing: Why in God's name you don't want to enjoy your luxury and bespoke it the way you want? Right, no reason for this, and we see more and more guys living this idea because, if you have a customer that wants to buy your limited edition model, he will accept it also with aftermarket wheels as you can revert it and put the original back on it in seconds. Therefore, our advice to all of you out there, enjoy and celebrate life. It will be even more special with a set of LOMA NF1 Superlight wheels. Contact us today to get your quote.

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