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Ferrari Portofino 3 Piece Custom Rims named LOMA GTC-SL Superlight are built with the TrackSpec® Technology that enhances your Ferrari performance. This means that you can race on weekends with your Ferrari Portofino 3 Piece Custom Rims without losing the 24-month warranty. That is unique in the wheels industry and a powerful indicator of the difference between LOMA wheels and any other brand. We can do that because of our racing heritage with endless wins worldwide with Ferrari and other brands. All our experience is flowing into every product. You as a customer do not get only the most recognized lifestyle brand but also the best performance possible. A significant aspect of our Ferrari custom wheels was flowing and not disturbing Ferrari's design language. We don't want to change. We aim to fulfill the missing gap and individualize each Ferrari to its customer's character. Clearly, satin rose gold wheels are not for everyone, but we think that's a good thing. Recognize the difference of every individual. That is the goal while still understanding that these are LOMA custom wheels for Ferrari. Besides the rose gold, we also offer Liquid Titanium or satin Beluga Black, to name just a view.

We all agree that the new Ferrari Portofino is a beautiful one. Still, we agree that the factory rims' style and size are far away from nice. Compare your stock Portofino to this version here! The LOMA anodized Gold GTC Superlight Forged Wheels in 21x9,0, and 21x11,0 Inches let this Ferrari look more aggressive. Contact us today to discuss your bespoke wheels made by LOMA.

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Ferrari Portofino 3 Piece Custom Rims in satin Beluga Black.

Ferrari Portofino 3 Piece Custom Rims Deep Concave.