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Ferrari Portofino 3 Piece Wheel Rims.

Ferrari Portofino 3 Piece Wheel Rims.

Ferrari Portofino 3 Piece Wheel Rims by LOMA gives the prancing horse a super-aggressive design. Equipped with the TrackSpec® Technology, the Ferrari Portofino 3 Piece Wheel Rims are staggered or deep dish, just as you like them. A scenery like in a Tarantino Movie. Your Ferrari Portofino, LOMA wheels equipped, and the bad guy will appear in a second. Well, we can imagine something like this. The LOMA SP1 Superlight forged wheels in 21-Inches look amazing on the Ferrari. The owner also bought the Ferrari Portofino Bodykit. Still, he could not wait to make the first shot even though the car is only lowered and equipped with the SP1 set. That is one of the best signs for us as a brand and manufacturer when clients became friends and enjoy their LOMA products every day as on day one.

The SP1 Superlight wheel is available as Monoblock, 2-Piece, or as 3-Piece forged wheels. The Monoblock variant always looks 1-Inch bigger than it really is on the car. In contrast, the Multi -piece variant looks more aggressive. Whatever you choose, be sure that LOMA Wheels on your vehicle will underline your status and the performance you are looking for. Contact us today to get your set and complete your Ferrari Tuning.

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