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Ferrari Portofino Alloy Custom Rims.

Ferrari Portofino Alloy Custom Rims.

Ferrari Portofino Alloy Custom Wheels Tuning by LOMA is all about performance. The LOMA TrackSpec® Technology is applied to all of our parts, especially our custom rims, body kits, and chip tuning boxes. Ferrari Portofino alloy custom wheels tuning handcrafted for all of our customers is what the LOMA Group is specialized for since 2008. Now that's what we call a perfect combination for the Ferrari Portofino. What fantastic scenery in the heart of London! The Ferrari Portofino merely looks jaw-dropping with the LOMA VFF Superlight forged wheels in 21-Inches. Liquid silver is the name of the finish and matches the Grigio Silverstone exterior wonderfully and makes the Portofino look as aggressive as the Ferrari F8 Tributo. While these custom forged wheels are also available in a bit more lightweight variant as Monoblock rims, this custom chooses to go with a multi-piece wheel to get that extra portion of sportiness with the visible rivet. Ferrari Tuning has a very long history at LOMA since back in the days when they were racing with Ferrari in the Nurburgring Nordschleife with the Ferrari 458. It is a symphony of adding the right wheel design to match the Portofino lines. Far away from just changing wheels. Mario Radosavljevic, the owner of LOMA, would say our products are for the Gentlemen who immediately recognize this difference. Contact us today to get your set and enhance your Ferrari Portofino's real character.

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