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Ferrari Portofino Body Kit Carbon Diffuser is made from the best autoclave dry carbon fiber. It will be integrated flawlessly into the Ferrari design language. The Ferrari Portofino Body Kit carbon diffuser is free from any custom work to be installed. It is a pure bolt-on system that can be reversed at any time. Many customers complain to Ferrari, their local dealers, that they love the Ferrari Portofino idea. Still, they are missing the aggressiveness of a Ferrari F8 Tributo. They are asking for additional Ferrari Carbon parts. Well, they are available, but they do not change the car's character. The LOMA LP740 Ferrari Portofino Bodykit is from another breed. In harmony with Ferrari’s design language, it looks mind-blowing. It gives the Portofino a mean look that suits the car like a $5000 suit from a Wall-street Banker. No crazy widebody or similar, but just the right amount of testosterone that it needs to be the Ferrari you always dreamed of.

Ferrari Portofino Body Kit Carbon Diffuser by LOMA.

The beauty in the transformation is not only that all parts are pure bolt-on and so can be reversed at any time, but that it is still keeping its daily usability. If you choose to Go with the carbon fiber parts, you can have the Formula One quality as all aspects are made in an Autoclave process. Look, for example, the forged wheels on the car. They are fitted with the stock tires, as this specific customer did not want to go bigger. The LOMA SP1 Superlight custom wheels give the Portofino also in 20-Inches a look update. If you want to know more, click the link here and see more of the beast mode in which the Portofino is converted.

See the LOMA Google Reviews here and the LOMA onsite customer reviews here.

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