FERRARI PORTOFINO BODY KIT | Classic or Ferrari Carbon.

Updated: Jan 4

FERRARI PORTOFINO BODY KIT | Classic or Ferrari Carbon by LOMA.

Ferrari Portofino Body Kit in classic or Ferrari Carbon fiber. As usual, all parts at LOMA are made our from autoclave carbon and so also your Ferrari Portofino Body Kit in classic or Ferrari carbon. Every single carbon part is separately available for your Portofino.

At LOMA, you will find a Ferrari Portofino Body Kit for every taste. Not everyone likes the classic carbon and some prefer the Ferrari carbon structure. However, we offer both. It makes sense to choose the carbon structure that matches your Ferrari carbon parts you ordered already from the Ferrari Factory, so you don't have in the end two different carbon structures, but if you ordered your Ferrari Portofino without any carbon package, you have the choice what you like more.

Ferrari Portofino Body Kit front lip spoiler.

Which carbon is better is what get asked all the time from our Ferrari customers and the answer is very easy. None of them. All are equal and good and it is just your taste that makes the difference. Of course, in terms of industry carbon, there are differences and so you choose what you need specifically for your industry but when it comes to aerodynamics, LOMA is the Cherry on top. Endless wins with Ferrari and other brands all over the world with our forged wheels and our aero packages separates us from the rest.

Ferrari Portofino Body Kit autoclave carbon fiber.

Every LOMA Ferrari Portofino Body Kit part has its own part number and is registered in our system. Not only to protect us and our customers from knock-offs but to have a history of what has been done in the past and give so our customers an unforgettable experience.

Over a decade on racing experience with Ferrari, Corvette, Mercedes AMG and Lamborghini. All that flows into our Aero-Designs. Contact us today to discuss what you need.

Winning the Nurburgring Nordschleife endurance racing several times.


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