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Ferrari Portofino Custom Forged Wheels.


A Custom Ferrari Portofino Carbon Fiber Body Kit and a set of forged wheels.

Ferrari Portofino Custom Forged Wheels with TrackSpec® Technology. The Ferrari Portofino Body Kit by LOMA is the most sophisticated Italian Sportscar performance package. The LOMA Ferrari Portofino Custom Forged Wheels, Ferrari Portofino Body Kit is made to work with each other in symbiosis to enhance the Portofino's character and the idea of driving a Ferrari. What this means is, this Ferrari is nice. Still, it is missing the boldness touch that a carbon package gives every supercar. Of course, LOMA's custom forged wheels transform the Portofino into a distinctive driving machine.

Ferrari Portofino Custom Wheels by LOMA with TrackSpec® Technology.

In combination with the excellent side rockers (side skirts), you will get a broader and more masculine look for the Ferrari convertible. The LOMA concave wheels also give a distinctive look compared to the original ones. As you know, so many clients are complaining at their Ferrari dealerships that on the one hand, Ferrari offers only view different wheel styles and then they also look much too small on the car significantly, when the vehicle is not lowered. The big gap between tire and fender makes the stock Ferrari wheels look even smaller. LOMA offers here 21-Inch forged wheels all around or 21 on front and 22 on the rear.

Ferrari Portofino Wheels & Body Kit Rear Diffuser.

On the front, we mount 21x9.0 with 255/30/21, and on the rear, 22x12.0 with 315/25/22 tires. The deep concave wheels profile is gorgeous and makes the Ferrari irresistible. You also see a far more aggressive rear diffuser made from dry carbon fiber. Contact us today.

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Ferrari Portofino Custom Wheels & Body Kit with TrackSpec® Technology.

Ferrari Portofino Body Kit in classic carbon or Ferrari carbon.

Genuine Ferrari Portofino Body Kit Carbon by LOMA with TrackSpec® Technology.

LOMA´s carbon fiber parts for the Ferrari Portofino are masterpieces.

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