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Ferrari Portofino Wheels in 21/22 Inches.

Ferrari Portofino Wheels in 21/22 Inches.


Ferrari Portofino Wheels in 21/22 Inches called LOMA MCS TrackSpec wheels are giving the Portofino a Beast Mode look. Ferrari Portofino Wheels compliment the Ferrari suspension and work in perfect harmony. The Portofino M looks much better lowered that much and handles like a real race car without compromising too much comfort. The custom wheels in 21/22 are also available in 20/21 or 21-Inches all around, whatever you prefer. One of the main features is the center-lock design that adds even more sportiness to this Ferrari. Finished in satin Beluga Black, the luxurious rims are designed straight out of Monte Carlo, Monaco. The only thing missing is the LOMA LP740 Ferrari Portofino body kit installed soon.

Another outstanding feature of the LOMA 3 piece wheels vs 1 piece wheels is that all our custom rims are very easy to repair if you hit a boardwalk while parking. The forged material is the same used by Ferrari, and therefore you are compromising the quality. There are aftermarket wheels, and then you have LOMA wheels built in the heart of the European Union. Born under the strict regulations laws that the European Government in Brussels, Belgium is asking, LOMA makes no compromises and is raising the bar for aftermarket wheels as usual to another level. Winning the Nurburgring-Nordschleife endurance series four years in a row with Ferrari speaks for itself. Contact us today to discuss your set of Ferrari Portofino wheels.

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