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Ferrari Roma Custom Forged Wheel Rims with more Power.

Ferrari Roma Custom Forged Wheel Rims with more Power.

Ferrari Roma Custom Forged Wheel Rims with more Power is what you are looking for. The LOMA package that contains Ferrari Roma custom forged wheel rims with more power in form of a Power Chip, will boost the performance of your Roma to a complete new level. We have changed two things on this Italian beauty. For the first we reduced the unsprung mass with some gorgeous LOMA GTC TrackSpec Superlight wheels in 21-Inch all around. This is 1-Inch bigger then from the factory and gives the Ferrari Roma a far more masculine look. Be honest, for a sportscar a 305 Pirelli tire on the rear is simply a must! But lets talk about the power plus.

Ferrari Roma Chip Tuning Power Box.

The LOMA Power-box Chiptuning is a very simple installation that ads a plus of 79 horses to the engine and another 98 Newton meters. A better acceleration but a far better elasticity over the full driving range is the result. You can install the power-box directly at Ferrari or any custom shop that you trust. There will be no warranty issues with Ferrari and you get a full 2-Year warranty from us on the engine.

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Some facts about the Ferrari Roma:

Stunning is the single best word to describe Roma's exterior. Whether it reminds you of the legendary Ferrari Daytona or the sensuously styled 550 Maranello—Ferrari itself references the 250 GT Lusso as an influence—it's clearly a Ferrari, and one that leans on the best styling and proportions of front-engine Ferraris past. In traffic, at the mini-mart, parked for photos, wherever you go with the Roma, people will stare, give the thumbs-up, and often strike up a conversation, moved to express their joy in Roma's beauty even to a complete—and presumably upper-crust—stranger.

The Roma's sleek, flowing surfaces meet classical proportion and a minimum of visual fuss in perfect harmony. The oh-so-low headlights and front end seem legislatively unlikely these days. The grille has a hint of Bertone to it. This subtle yet off-beat detail gives the Roma just a dash of fun, in addition to being smartly engineered to allow adequate airflow despite the largely closed design.

If that sounds remarkable for what is, effectively, the one-step-above-entry-level Ferrari, well, it is. The Portofino, the apparent "starter" Ferrari, is no slouch, but the Roma is clearly a cut above. The Roma looks, feels, and drives much more like a hybrid of Ferrari's mid-engine V-8 sports cars and its V-12 grand-touring formula.


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