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Ferrari Testarossa Custom Wheel Rims.

Ferrari Testarossa Custom Wheel Rims.

Custom Ferrari Testarossa Wheel Rims called SP1 Superlight with TrackSpec® Technology.

Ferrari Testarossa Custom Wheel rims in 20/21-Inches with TrackSpec® Technology are called LOMA SP1-SL. The Ferrari Testarossa custom wheel rims by LOMA are made with all the experience that we collected with our Ferrari racing activities in the last decade. NOBODY MODIFIES SO MUCH FERRARI CARS IN EUROPE AS LOMA DOES! If you are a proud owner of the Ferrari Testarossa, then probably you own it because you fulfilled your childhood dream. Nearly 30 years after the release it still looks super spectacular from every angle, if there would not be this hideous standard rims that even in the 90s was looking like they do not belong to the car. Original you was rolling on 235/40 R18 on front and 295/35 R18 on the rear. Yes we think right now also on Balloons and not really on sport tires. What weird time this was back in the days.

Well we changed this to LOMA SP1-SL Track Spec Concave Forged Wheels in 245/30 R20 on front and 325/25 R21 on the rear, but we didn't stop here. In order not to pray to God and speak your Santa Maria before every fast corner when you're speeding, the brakes were changed too. We mounted the original brake system of the Ferrari 488 GTB. It was a bit of a hassle but Boy does this dude brake now!

Still breathtaking, especially after the modification with LOMA Wheels.


Sure there will be some guys out there posting right now between their Grandma made cookies and a warm Camille Tea, how could we and why? The answer to this is a simple as it gets. Because we can. But because we can, should we? To answer this also properly, that is the wrong question. Let's put it this way. If you own a Ferrari Testarossa and you want to make a boat of it, go for it because it's yours. We can advise and help as good as we can but make no mistake, everyone at LOMA Wheels loves this baby now. It looks fresh and updated and if you don't like the SP1-SL Track Spec, then choose from one of our other sexy designs and make it your specific Ferrari with the special touch. Contact us today to get advise on your transformation project.

Testarossa with the 488 GTB brake system.

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