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Lamborghini Aventador Custom Forged Rims.

Lamborghini Aventador Custom Forged Rims by LOMA with TrackSpec® Technology.

Lamborghini Aventador Custom Forged Rims by LOMA are coming with a center-lock style!

Lamborghini Aventador Custom Forged Rims by LOMA are made with the spectacular MCS TrackSpec® Technology that allows you to track your car on weekends without losing your 24-month wheel warranty. Your Lamborghini Aventador custom forged rims also come with a center lock design that gives a significant update for all 5-bolt pattern-equipped Aventador models. Superlight in their construction, the rims will withstand every circumstance you put them through. On the front, we are mounting as an example 20x9,0 with 255/30 R20 tires and on the rear 21x13,0 with 355/25 R21 Pirelli P Zero tires. Of course, you can have the even more flashy 21/22 Inch option, which is the perfect choice for those that don't track their car on weekends and hunting every tenth of a second.

Lamborghini Aventador Wheels with center lock design.

LOMA can do your Lamborghini Aventador Custom Wheels in many finishes. One of them is Competition Gunmetal or, for example, Satin Beluga Black. Accents like a fluorescent Lime Green for the inner part of the wheel will create just the pop-out nobody has and add another spectacular point for the viewer's eye when watching your Lambo. LOMA should do Aventador custom wheels to match Lamborghini's design language and the Lamborghini Performance. Being flashy but equipped with the best possible performance is what you are looking for, and that's precisely what we are doing at the LOMA Group.

There is nothing like a LOMA forged wheel on the market. All our experience from the past decade of racing worldwide and collecting titles flows in every single of our products. We love the design but even more performance. Heavy custom rims can damage your dampers and push-rods because those parts are made for lightweight Lamborghini alloy wheels, so if you decide to go different, do it right. Contact us today to discuss your performance package.

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