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Lamborghini Gallardo Custom Forged Wheel Rims.

Lamborghini Gallardo Custom Forged Wheel Rims.

Lamborghini Gallardo Custom Forged Wheel Rims with the TrackSpec® Technology by LOMA is equipped with a 24-month warranty even if you race the car on weekends! Lamborghini Gallardo custom forged wheel rims made from LOMA Wheels means you also get a made-in Italy performance wheel and have so the best Lamborghini Huracan Custom Wheels on the market. Even after so many years on the market, is the Lamborghini Gallardo still a dream car long before the Lamborghini Huracan started the massive hype around the Lambo brand. This LOMA version looks sharp, bold, and super aggressive, just as a Lambo should look like. We mounted on the front 20 × 9,5 forged wheels 245/30/20 and on the rear 20 × 11,0 custom rims with 295/25/20 on Conti Sport Contact tires. Wheels and More for Lamborghini you will find at Europe’s market leader LOMA Wheels. We are since over a decade the first address for Lamborghini Body Kits, and Custom Forged Wheels.

Lamborghini Gallardo custom rims.

It isn't really a smart idea to go to a company that makes just a handful of Lambos over the year. They lack most of the experience and tell you everything to make the sales without even knowing this car. So we understand that it is always also a price question as the car is also no new anymore, but that is precisely the point. LOMA Wheels offers the best-forged aluminum globally, T6065, and not the SOFT and WEAK T6061; thus, the complete set of 4 rims cost not more than 4,890 Euros. Still, that is not everything. As the only wheel manufacturer, we offer an unlimited warranty for the rims even if you spend your time on the race track to kill some tenths. Who else can give you the best material, the lowest price, and a race track warranty? Right, nobody but us. That is how confident we are in our products.

Lamborghini Gallardo custom wheels rims close up.

Lamborghini Gallardo custom wheels rims installation day.


The guys in Athens, Greece, are not playing around. Instead, they did a proper job. Lowering looks perfect to us, and the unique color " Mars Gold " for the concave wheels. A very nice accent is the black center cap with the black carbon badge on the rim's edge. It gives the wheel a unique touch without focusing on the rim's design.

Lamborghini Gallardo custom wheels rims in Greece.


Overall the Lambo looks fantastic as all cars done by LOMA Wheels. Never too much, but just the right portion of sexiness to create a jaw-dropper as usual. For those that now saying it's too low to drive, we can say only one thing: Be a man and cause a Lambo like a man, and by the way, press the damn button to raise the car so you can avoid speed dating with some speed bumps. This was maybe more than one thing, but a man needs to do what a man needs to do. Contact us today to get your project rolling too. For long, you were just one of these crazy weird people that think a stock-looking car is better. What a fantastic idea this is.

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