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Lamborghini Urus 24-Inch Wheels MCS-TrackSpec® is LOMA´s brand-new monster wheels for 2021! Available in 21, 22, 23 as well as 24-Inches, the Urus looks super aggressive and distinctive. Lamborghini Urus 24-Inch wheels MCS TrackSpec® comes in Beluga Black and Lime Green Sirius color that will blow everyone away. Lamborghini Stealth mode for 2021! The brand-new LOMA MCS TrackSpec® custom wheel is exclusively available for the Lamborghini brand. Massive and aggressive is the look and so distinctive, that you will recognize on first sight what's going on. A stealth-racing look designed to look just not like any other rim. The finish comes in satin Beluga Black with Lime Green Sirius on the inside which gives the Lamborghini wheels the ultimate glow from certain angles.


While the Urus is to become Lamborghini's Superstar in popularity and maybe more important to the brand in sales numbers, we see more and more aftermarket wheels coming out. The question is, does it really not matter what I have on my $350.000 car? Is it just important to have something customized? Well this is something you can discuss over and over again but think this way. You are buying a SSUV, the first one in automotive history and not you are ordering a set of custom wheels from a company that have to order from another company as a private label to sell it to you. If you are not involved in the design-process, not involved in the Why, and not involved in the technical part but only want to get a "new" design out just to promote your own small retail shop, how you can as a customer identify yourself with the product you bought. Will it look more spectacular? Probably Yes but whoever say it is not important what I wear and what I drive, comes from another planet. On planet earth we have an overload of luxury brands and this is for a reason. People are getting faster rich and easier, and they want to display their wealth. How do I do this? Because someone has a lot of views on YouTube, and now he is creating his "own" wheel line, really? We don't see Rolex being super popular on YouTube while selling 1 Million watches per year. This is more than any other watch brand. When was the last time you saw a Louis Vuitton video with 500.000 views? Correct, never because luxury is not defined on how many likes or views my brand has. It is defined from where is the place of origin and what heritage the company have. A big part plays also the point on how likely they will be here in the future. These boxes are all checked at the LOMA Group. Place of origin: Monte Carlo and our heritage is pure Motorsports with many manufacturers worldwide with endless wins and podiums. We are here since 2008 and are now in your 13th year and still growing. LOMA is Europe's biggest custom wheel manufacturer that serves nearly a third of the custom industry with private label designs. All this flows in our new MCS TrackSpec® Lamborghini rims. Not simply a new flashy design to collect x-amount of customers and come out with another design and collect x-amount of customers. We believe strongly that behind a product it should be more than just the idea of making money. When we look back after some years and talk about this new wheel design, we will have a story to tell and the story will be equipped with a long line of ideas of why we did this. This is the beauty of our profession. Contact us today to discuss your distinctive aftermarket wheels with the LOMA Group.

LAMBORGHINI URUS 24-INCH WHEELS. The Lime Green Sirius glow is just amazing!
Lamborghini Stealth mode with floating cap.
Awesome light reflections in Beluga Black and Lime Green Sirius.
Like no other Lamborghini Aftermarket wheel on the market.
Show-stopper on every Cars & Coffee.


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