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Lamborghini Urus 24 Wheels by LOMA® in Beluga Black.

Lamborghini Urus 24 Wheels with integrated TrackSpec® Technology by LOMA transforms your SSUV into a never seen monster. Lamborghini Urus 24 Wheels need to be in harmony of Lamborghini's design language, and that's exactly what we do. Non-Concave rims is key here because everyone on every car is driving concave wheels, and you can't see them anymore as all look the same. The LOMA MCS TrackSpec® Lamborghini Urus 24-Inch Wheels are made bold and massive just as the rest of the car is with stunning stealth custom rims and stealth floating caps. On top of it, you get a "Black Carbon Badge" engraved with a custom logo, word or sign. Lasering carbon fiber without killing the structure is the know-how of the LOMA® Group that nobody else mastered yet.

Lamborghini Urus 24 Wheels in Beluga Black.

Our Lamborghini Urus 24 Wheels are not just simple show-offs. While you get a "race" look for your Urus, the more important thing is, that you can race them whenever you want. The LOMA TrackSpec® Technology is unique in the world and that is why we are the only forged rims manufacturer in the wheels industry that gives you a full warranty even if you race the car on weekends. Now comes the big questions, do you race the car on weekends? Probably not but isn't it nice to know that you can if you want? The Lamborghini Urus is also made to be off-road driven and are you doing it? Not really isn't it, but it is very nice to know that you could if you want. Will be a difficult task to do with your Huracan. Design language is the key here, and it simply fits perfect into the Urus lines. The new fluorescent lime green Sirius is simply mind-blowing, but we have more in the backhand for your fashionistas. Just contact us today to discuss what is the best for you.

The brand-new LOMA MCS TrackSpec® custom rims.


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