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Unique looking Lamborghini Urus aftermarket wheels in 22-Inches by LOMA.

Another awesome-looking Lamborghini Urus with LOMA aftermarket wheels is rolling through Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. As usual, this Urus looks more than exceptional! Centerlock design on these bold-looking rotor wheels gives the Urus a powerful wide, looking presence. We know that concave wheels these days are all over the place, but we think that is a design of the past. While concave wheels still look great, they may be looking over the top for some owners, especially in the managing sector. These people don't want to pop up at a business meeting with a car that looks like from a Tuning show, right? The LOMA MCS TracSpec is precisely the opposite. While you still have a bit of a concave shape in the center of the rim, the design is related more to a 350mph car that is looking to break another record at the race track of Paul Ricard. Luxurious and distinctive with a center-lock design to underline the power of the Lamborghini Urus.

Customoffsets for the Lamborghini Urus?

Customoffsets for the Lamborghini Urus mainly depend on what goal you have in mind. Do you want your custom wheels flushing with your fenders, or do you want to have more the factory look where your aftermarket wheels are standing a bit inwards? So the tires are protecting your forged wheels from the curbs. Whatever your preference is, keep in mind that an SSUV (Super Sports Utility Vehicle) like the Urus needs a lot of experience in terms of Customoffsets for front and rear, tire size and width, and in general, the right tire choice. Hence, you don't get a nasty surprise on your dashboard with error codes on your first drive after the installation. You can cause warranty problems with Lamborghini, and then you can argue day and night. Still, the factory usually does not back up from their decision.

Because of this reason, so many clients trust in the LOMA brand as we are working with German precision and are already bringing 14-years of supercar tuning to the table. We have over 40,000 cars in your system with Customoffsets that are calculated and proven for your vehicle. It is not only about changing rims; It is the overall experience that makes us unique on the market. With LOMA wheels you can be sure to get a no brainer.

Update on the 2022 Lamborghini Urus.

A recent update from Lamborghini on the Urus revealed that the "facelift" version will be equipped with an electric motor. A hybrid version will also be presented in the successor of the Aventador. It will be just a tiny and not really significant power plant. Still, according to the world's plan to go green and fulfill new emission standards, it is the way to go. Prices will remain the same and start at $230,000, excluding taxes and options. You should count a normal equipped Urus with around $350,000 up.

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