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Lamborghini Urus Custom Concave Forged Wheels.

Lamborghini Urus Custom Concave Forged Wheels.


Lamborghini Urus Custom Concave Forged Wheels is 23-Inches. In Mars Red finished, looks the Lamborghini Urus very sexy and super sportive. Sure it is a taste question but equipped with LOMA SP1 Superlight forged wheels in 10,5 × 23" on front and 12,0 × 23" on the rear, the Super SUV looks just mental. This rendering shows clearly what it would like after the Lamborghini Tuning. The spoke design fits perfectly into the Lamborghini line language. The lowering kit makes the Urus look like a Tiger ready to jump on its victim and eat him alive. After that's being said, contact us today to get a quote on your set of forged wheels and make your Lambo look that different kind of special.

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The 2021 Lamborghini Urus is extreme almost every way, which is precisely what's expected when a legendary supercar maker builds an SUV. Its chiseled bodywork and hulking proportions are appropriately exaggerated. Still, I don't think this 641-hp Italian monster isn't a terror on the track. It was the quickest SUV we've ever lapped at Virginia International Raceway. This is a testament to both Lamborghini's dedication to absolute performance and the super-ute's track-ready hardware. While the company's Aventador and Huracan supercars can only be enjoyed by two people, the Urus can entertain—and no doubt frighten—as many as five passengers. It can tow a trailer and tackle off-road obstacles along with actually useable cargo space. Sure, it costs a fortune and shares some parts with the much less-expensive Audi Q8, but the 2021 Urus earns its title as the ultimate SUV.

Lamborghini makes the 2021 Urus more unmistakable—if that's even possible—by giving it wilder paint options. These include either bright green, orange, or yellow as part of the new Pearl Capsule appearance package. This kit also adds contrasting 23-inch wheels and black trim pieces on the roof, rear diffuser, and spoiler. Whether the exterior is coated in Giallo Inti (yellow), Arancio Borealis (orange), or Verde Mantis (green), the cabin's upholstery is colored to match when paired with the new package. The largest Lambo now has more standard driver assists (adaptive cruise control and blind-spot monitoring) and a handful of the different new standard and optional features, along with several other fresh paint choices. The 2021 Urus is also more expensive than the outgoing model, with an extra $10,683 tacked onto its starting price. That may be the only thing about the Urus that goes unnoticed.

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