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Lamborghini Urus on 22 Inch RS1 TrackSpec Custom Wheels.

Lamborghini Urus on 22 Inch RS1 TrackSpec Custom Wheels.

Lamborghini Urus on 22 Inch RS1 TrackSpec Custom Wheels in satin Beluga Black. New meets old, and the encounter was never as beautiful as today. With the LOMA Lamborghini Urus, you have a new technology look and prestige like a Royal. When you think the car is too much, you find some characteristics that it is just right. This Urus Tuning was set up to catch attention, no doubt about it. Lowering the Lambo significantly while still having the comfort of the air suspension and massive space beneath the car simply gives a super-eye-catching moment at first sight. Bespoke it until you know from far away it's yours. Yes, that's what's Lamborghini Tuning all about. The LOMA RS1 Superlight forged wheels are off the charts. Not only beautiful but a statement in itself. Luxury wheels with so many details like never before. It is like a Patek Philippe on your wrist, that only gentleman as you recognize its value. At the same time, the regular people don't know what it is but knowing it is damn expensive. Contact us today for your set.

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