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Lamborghini Urus Tuning plus 24 Inch Custom Forged Wheels.

Lamborghini Urus Tuning plus 24 Inch Custom Forged Wheels.

Lamborghini Urus Tuning plus 24 Inch custom forged wheels to beyond 800 hp's was just a matter of time until someone cracks this magic mark. Suppose you ever had the pleasure the drive a Lambo SUV. In that case, you can imagine what this Lamborghini Urus Tuning plus 24 Inch custom forged wheels do to its passengers. Brute force or panic attacks would be maybe the best description of how it feels to nail the pedal down. The LOMA TrackSpec® Technology reduces the unsprung mass so significantly that you can say with full confidence, nobody does it better.

No other SUV draws more attention than the Lamborghini Urus, period. You can have whatever you like or love, but if you want to have open mouths and thousands of cell phones pointed to you, then you have to be the owner of the first SUV-Super SUV. In certain areas where people have one or two more Dollars, this type of car is a daily picture. Spend a day in Monte Carlo, London, or on the Strip in Los Angeles, and you will see what we mean. It is already couture to modify your own car and bring personality to it. The car manufacturers are coming by themselves with a pretty massive program of designing your own one. But we speak here about LOMA's new Bestseller — the BLACKFORCE ONE Track Spec Superlight. What a name! What a design!

Lamborghini Urus Tuning Wheels by LOMA.


The BLACKFORCE ONE Track Spec Superlight is a forged wheel design that combines a timeless classic and a type of Supercar modern design. It looks like it fits nearly every luxury or supercar on the planet and creates the same attention as the Lamborghini Urus itself. This yellow SSUV is rolling on 22 × 10,5 with 285/40/22 on front and 22 × 12,0 with 325/35/22 tires on the rear. Of course, LOMA Wheels also offers a 23-Inch Version and a 24-Inch Version.

Lamborghini Urus Tuning on Blackforce One wheels.


This would Hamlet never ask, but we request it. Is it worth cutting your Lamborghini Urus's side flares and glue some kind of extension to it to be 1-Inch larger per side? This is a question that we can not answer for you. Still, we know for sure one thing, every car that had its surgery in the type of cutting anything from super-expensive factory parts will be as a pre-owned vehicle super challenging to sell. All those that say WOW, it looks fantastic and even more exotic are those that then say, well, I would not buy it because of whatever. Don't get us wrong, we produce staggered concave wheels up to 15J width and have so no problem at all with any kind of wide-body, but the question must be allowed on an SUV or Supercar. Whatever your decision is, the LOMA Group Monaco will have it for you. Contact us today to get your quote.

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