LOMA´s Supercar - The Ferrari Portofino LP740 2.0 in Monte Carlo, Monaco.

The Ferrari Portofino is already a supercar in its own category with its 3.8L V8 engine, that generates 600 horsepower and can accelerate from 0-60 in 3.3 seconds. By putting even more power under the bonnet and reworking the exterior, which is precisely what LOMA Group set out to do with their newest creation, the LOMA LP740 2.0. The 740 horsepower modified Portofino, should be below 3 seconds when accelerated but let's take a closer look.


The LOMA Group, based in Monte Carlo, Monaco, is no stranger to luxury cars and the amazing things that you can do with them. In the past, they’ve been racing with Ferrari, Porsche and Lamborghini in the 24h Series and the Nurburgring Nordschleife in the VLN endurance Series. Collecting there the data they needed to create some amazing products that we see in wealthy areas like Monaco, Cannes or London on most Supercars. Launched in 2008 by Mario Radosavljevic, this company has focused almost exclusively on sports- and luxury cars but decided to branch out with their new Ferrari transformation.

Racing and winning, is LOMA´s heritage.


A Ferrari Portofino is an everyday supercar for the wealthy. Other than some widebody creations on the market, LOMA was focused to keep the body regular and simply change the character of the Portofino, without destroying the design lines of this beauty. The brand is known to go unusual ways and so also this time. They kept the big Ferrari grill and integrated it into the new front bumper. This new front looks now so much more sportive and aggressive and makes the Ferrari Portofino masculine. Also unusual is, that the front bumper is mounted with the stock screws and stock hardware which means, that you are able to bring it back to original at any given time, in case you want to sell the Portofino one day. Thinking out of the box is what was here achieved and not creating an aero-package, that must stay forever on the car as most parts were cut out and it would cost a fortune to bring it back to normal. No, not with LOMA.

Dream a little dream of me.

Let's check out the side. Wonderful intakes are creating a feeling of masculine power, while the side sills create a larger look for the Portofino. The rear bumper part of the car was untouched except the Diffuser. This one looks like made for the race track and it fits the Ferrari perfectly. While many clients ask for a bigger and more aggressive diffuser at the Ferrari dealerships, they just shake head. You get what you see, therefore, LOMA is your one and only choice and God, what job they have done.

More decent is the fine trunk lid that sits filigree on the top. Creating the optical feeling of classiness and taste. The Portofino is and stays a Supercar for daily use if wished and is not transformed into a track monster. According to the CEO of LOMA, this would be more than wrong. More aggressive, Yes but tasteful is what you hear from the design studio at LOMA, and we think, they achieved this goal to 100%.


Last but not least is the gorgeous set of forged wheels made for the Portofino LP740. Called SP1 Superlight and are available in 20- or 21-Inches. LOMA is the only aftermarket company in the world, that uses European aluminium to forge this beauties. While the Americans are using T6061, the European market creates T6065 aluminium which is 30% stiffer and therefore lighter. No wonder that LOMA is known to create the most lightweight forged rims in the wheels industry which are track ready and do not loose the warranty if raced. Unheard in the industry.

Purchase Information and Release Date

LOMA released the Portofino LP740 2.0 in December 2019. The package price starts at 17.490 Euros and the forged wheels at 5.950 Euros. Pricing is ex-works Monaco.

For the 740 horsepower engine modification, you will have a price tag of 98.940 Euros excluding any taxes.

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