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LOMA GT2 C6 Corvette meets 1200 HP in Sweden.

LOMA GT2 C6 Corvette meets 1200 HP in Sweden.

LOMA GT2 C6 Corvette meets 1200 HP in Sweden to smoke some tires during a time attack!

I don’t care how you slice it up – a 1,200hp time attack anything is bound to be cool, and such is the case with Marcus Östlid’s 2007 Corvette Z06. If you’re a regular reader of Speedhunters, you might recognize the livery on the car because when Marcus isn’t on the circuit, he’s heading up Team Insane Racing, which also campaigns a Chevrolet Monte Carlo street racer in the Stockholm illegal racing scene.

1200 HP´s for daily driving in a LOMA GT2 C6 Corvette.

You see, being born and raised in America, Corvettes are simply an automotive staple to me. They’ve always been the go-to for a fast domestic car. It never occurred to me that a guy like Marcus would be flogging one around at Gatebil, yet here it is – an American monster tearing up tarmac on another continent. Now, 1,200hp for drag racing, I can wrap my head around, but those sort of numbers running on a road course is a different story. It takes a skilled driver to modulate that much power while struggling for traction in every turn. Hence the stickies. Eighteen-inch tall and 12-inch wide OZ Alleggera HLTs are bolted up for track duty with 280 and 310 section slicks.

C6 Z06 Corvette Widebody kit by LOMA.

Marcus’s street setup is similar, running OZ Superleggeras in a 19×12-inch fitment with 305-wide Toyo Proxes R888. Yes, you read right – he runs the Z06 on the street too.

LOMA GT2 Corvette track ready.

Maybe we should back up, though, because you’re probably wondering where all that horsepower is coming from. Well, it’s coming from a Chevrolet 383ci LSX augmented by a cog-driven ProCharger centrifugal supercharger.


The unbeatable, incomparable, and super-unique point first: you can bolt up a widebody kit and then unbolt it at will should you desire a return to stock. The LOMA C6 Corvette Widebody kit is a simple bolt-on C6 Corvette body kit. Is it a Superwide Bodykit? Yes, as you go, as large as with an Aventador. Easy to install and daily usable. What more can you ask for?

C6 Corvette Widebody second to none.

Media Source: Speedhunters


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