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Rolls Royce Dawn 22 Inch Custom Wheels to complete the Open Air Dream.

Rolls Royce Dawn 22 Inch Custom Wheels to complete the Open Air Dream.

Simply breathtaking from every angle! The Rolls Royce Dawn equipped with LOMA Monte Carlo Star forged wheels finished in Beluga Black only looks Unreal. A harmonic and super classy look is what makes this combo a game-changer. We mounted on the front and rear 22-Inch fully forged alloy wheels which can be driven with our LOMA floating cap or the original Rolls Royce floating cap. It is just up to you what you prefer. The suspension was upgraded without lowering links, and we dropped it for only 20 mm. Be sure that the ride comfort in combination with the 22-Inch alloys is with the Roller air suspension, still on the charts. A bespoke service makes us famous in the wheels industry, so we offer over 42.000 different color combinations. Contact us to get your set right now.

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Custom Wheels made for the Rolls Royce Black Badge Family.


You've never really entirely made it in life until you've owned a Rolls-Royce, and if you're going to hold such an iconic nameplate, it may as well ask to be driven. It may as well be the Dawn.

The best way to tell if the economy is going well is to look at sales of high-end vehicles, Rolls-Royce being the epitome of that expression. Based on that, the Australian economy is doing amazingly well, with the German-British company selling more cars here locally (in 2017) than ever before. But it's not as simple as that, of course, and part of Rolls's success comes down to special editions such as this 2019 Rolls-Royce Dawn Black Badge being reviewed here.

The Black Badge models bring about slightly more power and torque (442kW and 820Nm, up to 22kW and 20Nm) from the 6.6-liter turbocharged V12, stiffer suspension, better brakes and steering, recalibrated transmission and throttle mapping, as well as plenty of black across the grille, boot lid, and exhausts. But perhaps most notably, the Spirit of Ecstasy is now in gloss black – something that may have been unheard of a few decades ago.

However, our favorite addition to the car is the strangely labeled 'low' button near the gear lever that opens up the new sports exhaust for a more aggressive sound, which Rolls-Royce describes as 'menacing bass-baritone that announces the owner's arrival with 'authority rather than hysteria.'

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