LOMA Sport Exhaust System " Supersports " for the Bentley GT Speed

More Power and a Bentley Supersports Sound with a simple push of a button.

The LOMA Supersports Sport Exhaust System is automobile art.

Some people may say, a Bentley should not have a loud sports-exhaust. It should roll silent and blue-blooded trough the city and display its elegance. Those people are maybe not aware that Bentley itself launched a car named Bentley Continental GT Supersports. This car sounds like a hooligan that is full of fuel and waiting to get into the football-stadion to watch Manchester United against Liverpool. Another one would be the Bentley Continental GT3 which also looks like a Hooligan but at least does not come elegant as you may see some standard GT´s. What we want to say by this is, don't forget the roots of Bentley. Its roots are Motorsports and Racing and people are pulling their eyebrows up when they see for the first time a Bentley GT racing in LeMans or another endurance race event. LOMA has created something, that combines both worlds. Pure elegance in a very silent way, and a hooligan if need by just a push of a button.

Luxurious Sport Exhaust with Motorsport DNA.
The LOMA X-PIPE shines like a mirror and the welding is state of the art.
The Bentley standard exhaust system is good too, but not good enough.
Shine bright like a diamond! The guys at Pitstop Monte Carlo at work.
Last touch before the wire process get started.

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