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LOMA Wheels goes Dubai.

1001 Dubai Nights in the city of tomorrow and after tomorrow.

LOMA Wheels goes Dubai 2021, and now it's official. For nearly three years, the LOMA Group plans to open its doors in the United Arab Emirates. Finally, after such long preparation, LOMA Wheels goes Dubai and will be conquering the Middle East with its innovations and products. The fundamental reason for us to make this step was the incredible wealth in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and the rest of the United Arab Emirates and the unmatched friendliness of the people, and the future vision of the future. There is no other place than the UAE in terms of future thinking.

The Government there does not only dream and discuss endless ideas about the future but also live the future. We like to call the Emirates the Land of tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. In times like Covid-19 and possible mutations, we have to think very carefully about the LOMA brand's future, says founder Mario Radosavljevic. I want to work in an area where the Government takes action immediately with a plan for its citizens and their companies. LOMA is very committed to technology. To bring the brand to a place where "the most" and "the biggest" mentality is at home like nowhere else is where the LOMA Group will be operating from. All are based on a long-term strategy, which was also why we were planning for nearly three years to move there. Mario Radosavljevic also says that it was a secrete and that we were taking care of leaking information. All is good. The company foundation is done. Soon, LOMA will do all other steps to have a fully operating facility in Dubai. What you can expect is exciting and straightforward at the same time. Crazy super-car modifications, more technology transfers into our street products while we are trying to stay committed to our basic philosophy. Design, Quality, and Prestige must be recognizable at very first sight.

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