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Since LOMA Wheels were launched back in 2008, it was continually rising. Today LOMA has 282 CNC-Machines in an Ultra-modern machine park placed in two areas of Europe. It was a very long and challenging way to come to this point with many obstacles that we had to master. Still, at the end of the day, hard work and the LOMA Group's financial background were the keys to our success.

LOMA is not a company that frequently brings new wheel designs out on the market. Our customer chooses us because of the constant development of exclusivity and long traditional craftsmanship Made in Europe. The most known and luxurious brands from the world are coming from Europe. One of the reasons is that innovation and craftsmanship in Europe have an always high level with massive demand from our customers. European customers also understand very well if someone is talking about luxury or luxury. The long tradition of following brands makes the European customer the most educated on the planet when it comes to luxury shopping. This gives us the pressure and the opportunity to deliver what is expected.

Soon the year 2019 will be over, and we are already preparing everything to reach the demand our customers expecting from us. W