Mario Radosavljevic in discussion with Christian von Koenigsegg and Martin Reichmann (Aston Martin)

When people like Mario Radosavljevic (LOMA Wheels and Loma Group Monaco), Christian von Koenigsegg (Koenigsegg Automotive) and Martin Reichmann (Aston Martin Lagonda) are talking about business and manufacturing, you can be sure that there is something to learn about. Beside the technical things they talk, the beauty in it, is the mindset you hear from this kind of people that are putting their own stamp on the automobile industry.

Koenigsegg was the first company on the planet to invite a carbon fiber wheel which was mind-blowing back in the days. LOMA Wheels was the first company on the planet to invite a forged carbon fiber wheel and till today, nobody else could make it. Can you imagine how much effort and energy you have to put in one single project without ever knowing if someone will buy it? At Koenigsegg Automotive this is a bit different, as these type of clients are wealthy enough to buy a car from 800.000 Euro up and so a set of carbon wheels for 5 to 6 figures more isn't a big deal. When you are a wheel company you ask yourself, why are you doing this? Mario Radosavljevic told us, isn't it a great way to invest 400.000 Euros and create something that writes history and beside that, someone has to do it...

Christian von Koenigsegg with one of his most beautiful creations called JESKO.

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