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Mario Radosavljevic talks about LOMA Wheels in times of Covid-19.

Mario Radosavljevic has always a smile on his face.

A short interview with the founder of the LOMA Group, Mario Radosavljevic.

Mario Radosavljevic talks about LOMA Wheels in times of Covid-19. Talking to Mario Radosavljevic is always spectacular because he does not put his attention to select words that others may like to hear. Mario Radosavljevic talks about LOMA Wheels in times of Covid-19 and what holds the future for him and the company. He speaks what he thinks is right, no matter what.

Media Group: You are now in your 15th year with LOMA in the automotive industry. What is your reflection on the past decade, and how do you see the LOMA brand today?

Mario Radosavljevic: It is excellent to see you guys asking me questions again. By reminding me of the 15 years of LOMA existence, you remind me that I am 12 years older (laugh), but be sure, only on paper. I am living my dream life and couldn't be happier. I am, in fact, so graceful that the creator gave me the possibility to do what I want to do and not be forced to work just what others want from me. When I founded the LOMA brand in 2008, nobody believed it would take off. 90% of the people told me that I would not survive the first six months because I was fully broke and missed any direction in my life. However, one thing that separates me from the rest is the unbelievable belief in me and an unblurred focus on where and what I want to be soon. Now I am laughing but not about them, and I laugh from luck and happiness what wonderful life I am living. Be strong, Be focused and Be positive. Your mindset will determine your future — big hug to all friends and business partners. And a big hug to my enemies — I squeeze you guys a bit stronger than my friends (laugh).

I think that the pandemic situation now is something that is a cycle because nearly every century in human history started with a tragedy. It looks like, no exception in this one. In the 1920s, we had significant depression. Because the economies are shutting down, it is clear that many people are living in fear.

Media Group: Do you have a fear of this situation?

Mario Radosavljevic: No, I don't. Every crisis has winners and losers, and if you know me, you know I will never be ever part of the losing team. Entrepreneurship is all about adjusting. It is like a fight in the octagon. If your opponent (the market) hits you with something unusual, you can't follow blind your strategy. That's what we have done, adjusted, and the business is running fine while we are facing things that even the best strategy cant solve.

Media Group: Which is?

Mario Radosavljevic: We have huge problems with the shipping companies. Not only that partners that we have over ten years to ship our products are not working correctly anymore, but they also outsource the job without telling us a single word. Before Covid-19, the goods arrived within days at the customer's house; we sometimes look into weeks. Shippi