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Maybach Custom Forged Wheel Rims 22 Inch Masterpieces.

Maybach Custom Forged Wheel Rims 22 Inch Masterpieces.

Custom Maybach 22-Inch alloy rims that look stunning in this icon.

Maybach custom forged wheel rims 22 Inch masterpieces by LOMA are made for Mercedes high-end luxury class. The newest version of Maybach custom forged wheel rims 22 Inch masterpieces is the LOMA MCS in a Beluga Black/Liquid Silver finish that sparkles like nothing else. Without question, the Maybach models are continuing their rise in the luxury segment. Back in the days, the brand had a hard time being chosen by clients over Rolls-Royce or Bentley, nowadays the Mercedes-Maybach models are seen everywhere in wealthy areas. Surely you don't want to go too crazy with the custom wheels you add to the car because we think keeping the luxurious design language from Mercedes-Benz is very important. Adding, not destroying is the key here. If you look at the picture above, we think it is hard not to deny that this wheel combo looks merely superb and fits the vehicle's character to the max.

Maybach Wheels in satin Gunmetal with Liquid Silver.

The Mercedes-Benz offers a sheer endless list of individualization for the interior and quite a lot for the exterior. Still, the possibilities are not as opulent as the interior options when it comes to the Maybach rims. Besides that, it is not only to have bigger wheels on the Maybach. It is far more essential to have a distinctive wheel design recognized at first sight, just as LOMA wheels are. The Maybach is obscene more expensive than the regular S-Class, and just like our Rolls-Royce clients, you should consider having the best for your car. A beautiful floating cap with the Maybach or LOMA Monaco logo is available to give that extra touch of luxury. The bespoke program from LOMA goes beyond standard and mass-production. So you can have any personalization for the rims and the floating center cap that represents, for example, the latest app you made or a brand you own. We are here to serve your wishes, and we do this now since 2008. Since then, we are leading the European luxury market and are creating bespoke Maybach wheels for exclusive individuals. Contact us today to discuss your options.

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Maybach Wheels with a beautiful floating cap which is available also with the Maybach logo.