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McLaren 570S 3 Piece Custom Wheels.

McLaren 570S 3 Piece Custom Wheels.

The McLaren 570S is the type of car that makes a specific owner's specific statement. He didn't choose a Lamborghini or a Ferrari nor a Porsche. The choice was the McLaren, and this because of the performance. It makes the most fun of all supercars, and it looks spectacular from any angle. LOMA mounted here just as the customer wanted it, a 2-piece forged wheel model called LOMA SP1-SL. They are not only assembled with Titanium bolts that hold the outer rim with the center together, but they are track-ready as well. The sizes are now 20×9,0 on the front and 21×11,5 on the rear. Liquid Gunmetal is what the finish is called, and it gives the car a luxurious while very sportive look.

See the LOMA Google Reviews here and the LOMA onsite customer reviews here.

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