McLaren Wheels Rims for the GT.

Updated: Jan 3

McLaren Wheels Rims for the GT by LOMA Wheels.

McLaren GT Wheels Rims for the GT are built in with the LOMA TrackSpec® Technology. This means that your McLaren GT Wheels rims are ready for track days while still having their 24-month warranty on the structure. Before we come to the breathtaking LOMA Wheels, lets take a look at the car itself because its McLarens first GT. McLaren's cars typically emphasize performance, but not in this case because, luxury takes the driver's seat with the automaker's deluxe GT. This is McLaren's grand tourer, built to go head to head with cars from brands such as Bentley and Aston Martin. From behind the wheel, this McLaren coupe blends enthusiast-friendly performance with a level of comfort shoppers expect in this class. The GT provides more room for cargo than other McLaren cars, and there's enough trunk space on board for it to serve as an accommodating daily driver at least in theory. The typical vehicle in this class is more practical in this respect, with seating for four or five passengers. Still, the GT shines as one of the most livable models in McLaren's stable.

McLaren Wheels rims LOMA Blackforce One with TrackSpec® Technology.

The truth is, we don't really think that this is a GT. Why? Because GT´s tend to have 2+2 seats and not 2 seats only with more space on the rear. Does it mean that we don't like it? Hell No, the car is awesome but to us, a road racer with just a bit more space inside. Just because of this we focus as on all other McLaren cars on the performance. Less is more and in this case, are the LOMA BLACKFORCE ONE wheels unbeatable. Reducing unsprung mass to a point where others just look paralyzed and think, is that possible? Yes it is. In fact since 2008 we are leading the SUPERLIGHT business like no other. Just as McLaren collects its experience on the racetrack, so do we. The sizes for this beauty are now 8,5J × 20J with 245/30 R20 Pirelli tires for the front and 12J × 21J with 325/25 R21 tires for the rear. Decide for yourself if that looks sexy now or what.

McLaren Wheel rims Satin Beluga Black

The Blackforce One forged concave wheels are available in endless finishes. One of the most popular is our Competition Beluga Black as shown on the pictures. Contact us today to get your set of LOMA Wheels straight out of Monte Carlo.

McLaren Wheels rims open air.

McLaren Wheels rims track ready thanks to LOMA´s TrackSpec® Technology.


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