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Mercedes 500E AMG Custom Forged Wheels.

Mercedes 500E AMG Custom Forged Wheels.

Mercedes 500E AMG Custom Forged Wheels in 20-Inches are making this 1991 Mercedes Benz legend up to date all-time classic. One of the specials on these Mercedes 500E AMG custom forged wheels is that t they come with a floating cap so that the logo always looks horizontal. Finished in satin Beluga Black, the MCS TrackSpec® forged wheels give the 500E AMG and far more massive look. But let's get some specs first on the car as they are spectacular as well.

The Mercedes-Benz 500E first caught my eye in late 1991. Car and Driver magazine ran a short piece about the forthcoming German “super sedan” that was to be an unusual collaboration between Mercedes and Porsche. I first saw a photograph of the 500E when I was a junior at Boston College and ever since that day I dreamed of someday owning that special car. Many years later in 2004, my dream finally came true when I acquired a very special 1994 E500. In 1991, the Mercedes aftermarket sport tuner Aufrecht, Melcher, and Grossaspach (better known as AMG) was still an independent company. Almost a decade after the launch of the 500E/E500, AMG was officially acquired by Mercedes-Benz. In the late 1980’s BMW had successfully launched the first M5, which was a high-performance Motorsport version of the 535i. The first M5 was based on the aging E28 platform. BMW quickly followed up with a more powerful second-generation M5 based on the more modern E34 chassis. The M5 had the first-mover advantage and set the standard for the mid-sized super sedan category. In the meantime, over at Mercedes, their mid-sized super sedan cupboard was bare. Mercedes needed to have a car to stake its claim and compete within the burgeoning super sedan category. In 1990, the largest displacement mid-size sedan in the Mercedes lineup was the 178 horsepower six-cylinder 300E.

Mercedes 500E AMG Custom Forged Wheels with a satin Beluga Black finish.

Coming back to the Mercedes custom rims, we have the advantage here not having problems with any electrical issues by going so much bigger in size for the 500E. Back in the day, the only important ECU function was the driver. If you want to transform your Mercedes 500E AMG 6.0L and give him a beautiful update while still having that mean 90's look, contact us today, and let's discuss your bespoke options with our team.

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Mercedes 500E AMG Custom Forged Wheels makes the car look even meaner.

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