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Mercedes AMG GT Wheel Rims.

Mercedes AMG GT Wheel Rims rendering LOMA Black Edition TrackSpec® Technology.

Custom Mercedes AMG GT rendering to help a client making a decision.

Mercedes AMG GT Wheel Rims with the LOMA TrackSpec® Technology enhance the Mercedes AMG soul in its core. Mercedes AMG GT wheel rims made by LOMA are so beautiful that some customers need help to decide. So we also offer renderings for them to do so. Some customers need a bit of help to decide which is the right alloy wheel design for their car, and we understand that. However, this client couldn't choose between the LOMA Black Edition and the LOMA RS1 Superlight, and so we made this quick render for him. It's not that accurate, but you get an idea of the result. It is just a taste question, and you decide. The stunning bodywork of the 2021 Mercedes-AMG GT will no doubt draw your eye, but it's more than just a pretty face. The low and wide GT is also a competent high-performance sports car. This is Mercedes's front-engine answer to the rear-engine Porsche 911.

Offered at various point points, the GT features a hand-built twin-turbo V-8. Although this AMG isn't as immersive to drive as its archrival from Porsche, it's still super athletic, and most models are surprisingly civil on streets that aren't racetrack smooth. Those who prefer a more refined grand tourer will appreciate the 523-hp GT and 550-hp GT C.; those with sportier desires will gravitate toward the 577-hp GT R and GT R Pro. Most models are available in coupe and soft-top-roadster forms. Still, the track-focused Pro and almighty 720-hp Black Series are hardtops only.

The twin-turbo 4.0-liter M178 V-8 dispenses with the typical AMG, naturally aspirated honk-’n’-peng-wush-boing hoedown that the late, lamented C63 Black Series offered. Home taping is killing music; turbocharging is killing engines' auditory esprit, Daguerre. Despite Moers's hatred of BMW's current MP3 soundtracks—notwithstanding his laudable intent to let an engine be what it is—the 503-hp, 3600-pound GT S never gives you that side-of-beef-to-the-chest whump offered up by, say, the big-bore Corvette Stingray. The AMG accelerates. We predict 60 mph will arrive in 3.5 seconds. Given enough room, AMG says it will continue to build speed until the car hits 193.

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AMG GT Wheels Rims rendering LOMA RS1 TrackSpec® Technology.

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