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Mercedes Benz CLS 550 Custom Forged Rims.


Mercedes Benz CLS 550 Custom Forged Rims by LOMA are the perfect accessory!

Mercedes Benz CLS 550 Custom Forged Rims in 20 or 21-Inches are equipped with the LOMA TrackSpec® Technology. This means that your Mercedes Benz CLS 550 custom forged rims are track proven and keep their 24-month warranty even if you burn some tires on track-days. You see the Monte Carlo Star custom forged wheels on the car with a floating cap that simulates a center-lock system and ad so more sportiness to your CLS 550. You can see them in a diamond-cut finish, a dark gray metallic with high polished silver. The Diamond cut is for those who see themselves in a more elegant, sportive way. Of course, you can get your Mercedes custom rims also in satin Beluga Black from LOMA if you are looking for a very sportive look.

On the front, we would mount a 21 x 9,0 rims with 245/30/21, and on the rear, a 21 x 10,5 with 295/25/21 tires. All LOMA rims are anodized before they get powder-coated. So you can use them without further thinking during winter. Contact us today to discuss what finish would fit your Mercedes CLS 550 best.

See the LOMA Google Reviews here and the LOMA onsite customer reviews here.

Mercedes Benz CLS 550 Rims Diamond Cut.

The floating cap is not only very elegant, but looks also like a center-lock design.

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