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Mercedes C63 AMG Black Series Body Kit with Custom Rims.

Mercedes C63 AMG Black Series Body Kit with Custom Rims.

Mercedes C63 AMG Black Series Body Kit is for sure the most spectacular widebody Mercedes-AMG ever made. The good news is now that LOMA offers the Mercedes C63 AMG Black Series Body Kit, the perfect wheel combination in 20 or 21-Inches. Overall the design language of AMG must be untouched, but the rims need an upgrade for sure. An excellent upgrade is the custom wheels called GTC-SL with the LOMA TrackSpec® Technology. They are made to fit any Mercedes body kit on the market, especially the Black Series widebody. Superlight in their construction, they offer track-day fun without ever think of losing the LOMA 24-month warranty on your Mercedes custom wheels. On the picture, you can see the 3-piece forged wheels example that has a gloss Beluga Black outer rim and a sating competition Gunmetal centerpiece with exposed hardware. The rear clearly shows a deep concave design that makes the C63 AMG look even more extensive. Of course, we offer this custom rim also for the regular C63 AMG sedan and the Coupe.

Mercedees C63 AMG Black Series Body Kit Custom Wheels.

In 20x9,0 and 20x10,0 with 235/30 R and 275/25 R20, the C63 AMG W204 will look excellent and perform much better because the unsprung mass is reduced to a minimum. For the Black Series, we will be even larger with some specific tire options. So what is the right custom wheel construction for you? This depends if you are a track-day guy hunting every tenth of a second on each round or if you want performance, but you know you are never or barely on a racetrack. We would suggest going with a 1-piece Monoblock wheel design for the first type of group. In contrast, the second group can go with a bit heavier but more spectacular looking 2-piece or 3-piece wheel. If you are still not sure, contact us today, and we will be advising you on the best options that make sense for you.

Mercedes C63 AMG Black Series Body Kit Deep Concave Wheels.

The LOMA GTC Superlight wheel can be ordered as a Superlight version in our Monoblock forged wheels design, made out of European T6065 aluminum or as a Multi-piece forged rim with a visible rivet to look more aggressive. It's totally up to you, what kind of look or what kind of performance you wish. For sure, you won't find anything similar on the market. Track ready. This is a word that is so overused these days but asks those who speak about being track-ready to give you a warranty on the set of rims you bought when you go with your car on the race track to kill some time on the weekend. Uhm, Ahh, sorry, no warranty when you race them. This will be your answer all over the wheels industry. Not at LOMA. We give you the full warranty even if you switch your private residency to the Nurburgring Nordschleife and race your car with LOMA Wheels 24/7.

The black carbon badge engraved with LOMA SCHMIEDERÄDER (German for forged wheels) gives you an idea of where heritage comes from. LOMA was founded in Germany in 2008. Today, all rims are manufactured with the Badge, made in Germany. That's why the Badge is still in the German language. Contact us today to get your set and stand out of the cheap wannabees.