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Mercedes C63 AMG Coupe stanced on custom rims.

Mercedes C63 AMG Coupe stanced on custom rims.

This Mercedes C63 AMG in bright red with a monster diffuser on the rear is a neck-breaker all day long. Once you start it, you know immediately, this one is from a totally different breed. The engine is modified to 620 horses, and the sound that leaves the exhaust pipes is even for the streets in London, let's say a kind of earthquake producer. We all know how many unhappy people we have in London because Supercar owners are accelerating all day long through the streets, which will definitely create some angry faces. The video below gives you a small idea about it even when you know that a cell phone's microphone can not properly record the sound. Once you are in front of the car, the loudness is on another level.

However, this power needs control. Once you know that, you also know that only one company can make the wheels bigger but still more lightweight than the factory rims, which is LOMA. Forged wheels with track-spec all day long and full warranty for the streets and the track-day. Till today, unheard in the wheels industry. Guess why.

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