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Mercedes C63 AMG Performance Chip Tuning.

Mercedes C63 AMG Performance Chip Tuning by LOMA.

Mercedes C63 AMG Performance Chip Tuning to over 650 HP´s and Signature Custom Wheels.

Mercedes C63 AMG Performance Chip Tuning by LOMA contains Stage 1 (586 HP's and 805Nm/ft-lb 593/3.4 sec). Superlight forged wheels with TrackSpec® Technology, a package that will bring sleepless nights to Ferrari drivers and Co. LOMA can enhance the Mercedes C63 AMG Performance Chip Tuning we offer even further with a down-pipe, sport-air-intake, and an even more aggressive Chip-Tune to around 650 horses. The Blackforce One TrackSpec® custom wheels are mounted in 20 x 9,5 and 255/30 R20 in front and 21 x 11,0 and 295/25 R21 on the rear. Judge yourself about the optics, but we think it's an absolute killer look. The LOMA 24H logo on the cap displays where these rims are born and what to expect in terms of unsprung mass and performance from them.

Mercedes C63 AMG Tuning reducing the unsprung mass for a super fast acceleration.

Besides the performance factor, the Mercedes C63 AMG Tuning by LOMA is also a festival for the eyes. So one of the unique finishes we offer is our satin Beluga Black that looks nothing else. A particular procedure is necessary to get this stunning finish, and be prepared that everyone will ask you about it.

Mercedes C63 AMG Tuning BOSCH Technology for the best and safest power results in the industry.

Our Performance Chip Tuning box is programmed by people that bring over a decade of experience. So it's no wonder we also use only original BOSCH hardware. While so many suppliers offer these days cheap Chiptuning, you have to ask yourself if you want to risk any damage to your engine or, even worst, catch fire because reasonable Chip tuning offers are known to get super-hot and, in some cases, to cause a fire in the engine bay. Mods on your engine are not cheap, and they are expensive for a reason because