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Mercedes CL550 AMG Custom Forged Wheel Rims Tire Packages.

Mercedes CL550 AMG Custom Forged Wheel Rims Tire Packages.

Mercedes-Benz design language enhanced.

Mercedes CL550 AMG Custom Forged Wheel Rims Tire Packages in 21 and 22-Inches are not less but impressive. Considering that this Mercedes-Benz model is already for over a decade the market, LOMA repeatedly shows what just the right amount is enough where you say, that's perfect. Mercedes CL550 AMG Custom Forged Wheel Rims Tire Packages consist of every taste possibilities. We have here a situation. The situation we are talking about is that I can not stop staring at you! How often can you say this? Note that usually, especially in the automotive aftermarket industry, it seems that one crazy modification hunts another just to top the previous one without just a little bit of taste and measurement on what the heck is enough. Not so at LOMA. Working with the Mercedes design language, not against it. That is nothing less but art.


Stanced and ready to Go.

The LOMA Mercedes CL550 AMG is a piece of art. The front and rear are now on 22-Inches with a suspension upgrade to get rid of the gap between tire and fender edge. One of the important things to us was to choose a perfect color for the custom rims that do not get lost in the Obsidian black exterior color. We went with dark Liquid Titanium, and we think it perfectly fits the car. The LOMA BERLINETTA rims in 22 x 11,0 with a 305/25 tire on the rear makes the CL550 look like a rolling monster. Deep Concave? Plenty.

Contact us today to discuss your set of custom rims, and make sure to check out what our other customers are saying on LOMA Google Reviews and the LOMA onsite customer reviews here.



It’s big. With its S-class sedan underpinnings (on an 8.3-inch-shorter wheelbase), uninhibited dimensions and too-long-at-dinner mass (4699 pounds), the new Mercedes CL550 (modestly facelifted, generously adrenalized) is one of the largest four-seat coupes on earth. Only the Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupé is bigger. It’s potent. A new twin-turbo, 4.7-liter direct-injection V-8 boosts output over that of the old naturally aspirated 5.5-liter by 47 horsepower and 125 pound-feet of torque with less displacement and a 2-mpg increase in highway mileage. (Unlike the previous CL550, the base price does not include a gas-guzzler tax. The EPA forecasts 15 mpg city, 23 highway. We recorded 16 in, uh, spirited driving.)

It’s sexy. The sweeping profile, an interior that’s a symphony of gorgeous stitchery, elegantly subdued colors, superb materials, and great seats—here’s a package that’s as seductive as Salome wriggling her way down to veil No. 1. And the cost for this show isn’t nearly as high as hers (recall that John the Baptist lost his head). Still, you might have to open a vein: The MSRP is $114,025.

That’s a lot of shekels, and our test car’s window sticker was inflated by a trio of option groups, a $6650 Sport package (20-inch AMG wheels, summer tires, appearance add-ons) most significant among them.

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