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Mercedes CLS 53 S AMG Custom Forged Wheel Rims.

Mercedes CLS 53 S AMG Custom Forged Wheel Rims.

Since the new Mercedes E-Class (W213) was launched, many new engine types arrived on the market. Mercedes AMG decided to present besides the E63 AMG also the Mercedes E53 AMG. In this case, it is the prestigious S model. We have made a beautiful set of custom forged wheels this beauty in the sizes 20"x 8,5 with 245/35ZR20 tires on the front and 20" x 9,5 with 275/30ZR20 rear. Our custom offset lets the custom rims now flush perfectly with the fenders and give the E53 S AMG and wider and more aggressive stance. The rim model, in this case, is the LOMA RS1 Superlight, and it is available in several finishes and is, as all LOMA Wheels, of course, track-ready.

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With a sleek and distinct design and a host of AMG-specific enhancements, the 2021 CLS53 is a four-door coupe that is as elegant as it is athletic. Power comes from a silken, turbocharged, 429-hp, straight-six engine that's mated to an astute automatic transmission and standard all-wheel drive. The CLS53 is nearly mechanically identical to the Mercedes-AMG E53 sedan. Due to its racier styling, its back seat and trunk are less accommodating. Its cabin boasts cutting-edge technology that effortlessly mingles with an assortment of upscale materials and finishes. While the CLS53 is better at long-distance cruising than backroad thrills, it can engage you when you activate its sportiest performance settings. The Audi S7 is both more exciting and practical, but the CLS53 costs less and looks more upscale.

What's New for 2021?

For 2021, Mercedes installs an entirely new infotainment system in the CLS53. Called MBUX (short for Mercedes-Benz User Experience), the upgraded unit brings a new touchscreen and a responsive touchpad with haptic feedback. It also features a voice-activated assistant—think Amazon Alexa or Apple's Siri—as well as innovative options. The latter includes navigation with augmented reality, which overlays guidance and other real-time information onto a live video feed of the road ahead that's showing on the screen. The CLS53 also now has more advanced driver assists that can react to live-traffic data and stop the car from turning left if it detects oncoming traffic.