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Mercedes E53 AMG Custom Forged Wheels.

Mercedes E53 AMG Custom Forged Wheels LOMA MCS TrackSpec®.

Mercedes E53 AMG Custom Forged Wheel Rims with Center Lock design.

Mercedes E53 AMG Custom Forged Wheels called LOMA MCS TrackSpec® are available in 20- and 21-Inches for the 2018 Benz. The Mercedes E53 AMG Custom Forged Wheels are backed up with a 24-month warranty even if you have weekly fun on your track-days. Nobody else gives such a confident warranty on Mercedes custom rims. On the front are mounted 21x9,0 with 255/30 R21, and on the rear 295/25 R21 tires that will improve handling and acceleration and let the E53 AMG look as large as it can be.

Mercedes E53 AMG Wheels MCS TrackSpec® Lime Green Sirius.

The MCS TrackSpec® forged wheels for your E53 come with a floating cap that looks like a center-lock design and adds even more sportiness to this luxurious custom wheel. Straight outta Monte Carlo, that's what LOMA is all about. One of the essential aspects besides the performance DNA that all LOMA wheels have is the distinctive design. It looks like nothing else, and you recognize that this is something special at first sight. Since 2008 is the LOMA Group growing and made it to one of the big players in the game with constant improvement of its products and technology. LOMA offers this race-inspired rim for the E63 AMG and, of course, for all S-models of the AMG line. LOMA is very flexible as it follows all current Mercedes body kit creations on the market. So yes, you can have it for any widebody offered on the market without the use of any spacers if that is a question.

Mercedes E53 AMG Wheels Liquid Diamond Cut.

The MCS TrackSpec® custom wheel is available in satin Beluga Black or Liquid silver. For those that are looking for something else, we offer a wide variety of finishes that will match the character of your car and yourself. To discuss this further, hit the contact button and send us a message to find the perfect style for your Mercedes-Benz.

See the LOMA Google Reviews here and the LOMA onsite customer reviews here.

Mercedes E53 AMG Beluga Back & Lime Green Sirius.

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