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Mercedes EQC Custom Forged Wheel Rims.

Mercedes EQC Custom Forged Wheel Rims.

Mercedes EQC custom forged wheel rims in 22-Inches for the new Benz. What a time and what a car! It is the first full-electric vehicle in Mercedes-Benz history. A Mercedes EQC custom forged wheel rims vehicle will make you look twice what the heck is happening here. The EQC is stanced now Monte Carlo Star forged wheels in 22x8,5 and 22x10 and looks now much more masculine than with the small rims from the factory. One of the beautiful details is also the floating cap like known on Rolls-Royce-Cars, which adds an extra point of luxury to the vehicle.

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A growing number of carmakers offer electrified transportation, and Mercedes-Benz had planned to enter the fray with the 2021 EQC before pulling the plug on its electric SUV in early 2021. Mercedes-Benz was careful to say that the EQC could be introduced to the U.S. in the future. Still, for the time being, it will remain an option only in overseas markets. The EQC would have been a compact SUV that offered seating for five. Its fully electric powertrain would have delivered quiet performance, along with the crisp acceleration that's part of the package with many luxury EVs. Its cabin looked appropriately deluxe, with high-gloss plastics, beautiful textiles, and modern design. Overall, the EQC's blend of Mercedes-Benz opulence and eco-friendly electrification would have made it an attractive pick for green-minded luxury SUV buyers.


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