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Mercedes G Class Custom Forged Wheels.

Mercedes G Class Custom Forged Wheels.

Mercedes G63 AMG on 22 Inch MCS TrackSpec® Custom Forged Wheels.

Mercedes G Class Custom Forged Wheels by LOMA are looking sexy, mean, and luxurious. It gives the G Class the extra portion of getting outta my way attitude. Besides that, the Mercedes G Class custom forged wheels called MCS TrackSpec® are also equipped with a center-lock look floating cap that can be modified in different colors when talking about the logo. This one here received the finish Satin Beluga Black and not only that it sparkles in the sun, but it also looks sportive and mean, just the perfect fit for the menacing G63 AMG. You can ride them on 22 x 10,0 with 295/40 R22 or, for example, on 24 x 10,5 with 295/30 R24 tires. As all LOMA wheels are also anodized as standard, you will have a no-brainer driving them through winter.

Mercedes G63 AMG 22 Inch Custom Forged Wheels.

Here some facts about the brand new 2021 Mercedes G63 AMG:

The 2021 Mercedes-AMG G63 is all about making things seem effortless, whether that's blasting down the autobahn with the speedometer in the triple digits or crawling rocks in Moab at single-digit speeds. It also will undoubtedly make your valet experience effortless as those guys are sure to leave your truck up front. This modernized version of the iconic original G-class has all of AMG's go-fast bits and baubles, including a 577-hp twin-turbo V-8 engine under its squared-off hood. Inside, a host of contemporary infotainment and tech features is at your fingertips and your behind is perched on a leather-wrapped throne with just the right amount of bolstering to keep you upright during any of the G63's off-road antics. Living so effortlessly comes at a price, but if you're rich enough to afford one, the G63 is worth the investment.

Luxurious while Aggressive at the same time, the LOMA G Class.