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Mercedes G Wagon Custom Forged Wheels.

Mercedes G Wagon Custom Forged Wheels.

Mercedes G Wagon Custom Forged Wheels are coming with a center lock design. Besides that, the Mercedes G Wagon custom forged wheels are made in 22, 23, and 24-Inch sizes with the extraordinary Beluga Black or Diamond cut finish. The brand-new Mercedes G63 AMG is as popular as ever. With 585 handcrafted AMG horses, the Mercedes G63 AMG is a legend raised to a new era's higher power. Refined luxury, unwavering confidence, and seemingly endless individualization let you create a G that's at ease in any corner of the world. The problem only is that one G-Wagon looks like every other you see on the streets of London, Dubai, or Monaco. No wonder companies like Brabus or Onyx and others create one body kit after another for the G63. We don't do this, but we offer some of the sexiest forged wheels on the planet. The LOMA MCS forged wheels in 22-Inches or 23-Inches with a floating cap enhance the lines and exclusivity of the G-Class to 150%. A Classy and timeless design is what is so distinctive for this design. The Mercedes G63 AMG is rolling now on 10.5 × 23" and looks just as breathtaking as you can imagine.

Mercedes G Wagon Custom Wheels finished in a beautiful diamond cut.

There probably isn't a more pointless car on the road. A 2500 kg four-wheel drive with a giant V8. But, that's mainly why we love it. Your ears will melt when you hear the raucous exhaust note and the interior looks absolutely stunning compared to the previous model. But why is that the G63 is so popular or better asked, why are all big luxury SUV´s that popular? Well we think, because it displays things men like but not like to talk about. Success for example. How to show better success than sitting in an opulent luxury SUV?! But in areas like Aberdeen, London or Monaco, it is not enough any more just owning one, it has to be tuned. Mercedes AMG Tuning wheels from LOMA are the most luxurious in the world. It is the only company in the wheels industry that sells aerospace aftermarket wheels where the sets starting from opulent 50.000 Euros up. It is the FX1 Superleague. Be sure to have the best of the best when you order your set of LOMA’s.

Mercedes G Wagon Custom Wheels in Beluga Black with Lime Green.

The sets of the Monte Carlo Star are starting with 7.450 USD/Euros in 22-Inches and USD/8.250 Euros in 23-Inches. Contact us today to get your set.

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