Mercedes GL Class with Custom Forged Wheel Rims.

Mercedes GL Class with Custom Forged Wheel Rims.

Made for America but famous all over the world. The mighty Mercedes GL450 4Matic is looking mean and crisp from every angle! Stanced on 22 Inch LOMA MB7S Forged Wheels, this car has nothing to do with the stock boring brother anymore. Lowered with some special links, the vehicle now has a sportive character, and even that we know it is not a track monster but god-damn, it looks mean and fast! We mounted the sizes of 22" x 10,5 on 285/40ZR22 tires and adjusted the offset of the custom rims so that they flush nicely with the fenders. Also, the color is something extraordinary. Anodized to Competition Gunmetal matt, they look sweet and sexy. The new LOMA Wheels' axle load exceeds the stock one by far while much more lightweight. Contact us today to get your Quote!

See the LOMA Google Reviews here and the LOMA onsite customer reviews here.

Like its spirit animal, the massive, majestic American buffalo, the American-made Mercedes-Benz GL450 is ideal for the wide-open spaces of our vast continent, where it can roam widely, consuming a vast amount of natural resources.

Like the buffalo, the GL once ran with huge herds—in this case, of full-size SUVs across North Ameri­ca. Times had changed for these mechanical bovines from when nearly a million Ameri­cans bought them every year. In 2013, the class managed only about 350,000 sales. But the GL is a survivor. This second-generation GL, which arrived for the 2013 model year, has been outselling the Cadillac Escalade and Lincoln Navigator combined.

To check the health of the dominant member of the luxury-SUV class, and because we have children and junk to carry (and junky cars to tow), we ordered up a 2013 GL450. We immediately headed out on the buffalo traces that we call interstates. And, for the sake of extending our buffalo metaphor beyond all reason, we specified the company’s Dakota Brown Metallic paint.


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