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Mercedes GLE Custom Wheels.

Mercedes GLE Custom Wheels.

Custom Forged Mercedes GLE Wheels in 22 Inches.

Mercedes GLE Custom Wheels by LOMA is built with the TrackSpec® Technology, which allows you to have fun on your track-days or off-road days without losing the 24-month rims warranty. The Mercedes GLE Custom Wheels are coming in 21 or 22-Inches so you can enjoy them daily. Anyone who buys a Mercedes GLE SUV instead of the luxury pinnacle GLS can be forgiven. The midsize GLE is a big step up from the compact GLC crossover, while the gap from GLE to full-size GLS—the S-Class of SUVs—is not as gaping. With a smooth new engine and a wave of impressive available tech, there's no mistaking the new GLE as anything other than pure Mercedes-Benz opulence. The spectacular custom rims showed on the Mercedes GLE 450 measure now 22 × 10,5 Inches with 285/45/22 tires and on the rear 22 × 11,5 and 325/35/22 Pirelli tires. The result is mesmerizing as usual when LOMA Wheels takes hands on it.

Custom Mercedes GLE Wheels.

The GTO Mercedes Wheels are giving the new Mercedes-Benz GLE 2020 and super masculine look!

What about the wheel finishes? While LOMA offers over 42,000 colors, the picture shown is called LOMA GTO-SL. It is finished in" Beluga Gunmetal," which has a stealthy look. It is a satin-matt finish that takes alone a week to be done. That kind of unique is it. LOMA Group CEO Mario Radosavljevic says: Our customers expect nothing less but spectacular results from us, and we are putting all our effort into each product to achieve it. If you want to be unique, it is not enough just talking about it. You need to deliver.