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New Bentley Continental GT Custom Forged Rims.

New Bentley Continental GT Custom Forged Rims.

New Bentley Continental GT Custom Forged Rims for the third generation are equipped with the famous LOMA TrackSpec® Technology, which includes a 24-month warranty even if you drive your cars on track-days during the weekend. Your new Bentley Continental custom forged rims are finished as standard in Beluga Black, but we offer several other finishes too. That's what we call "Sportive and Luxurious" at the same time. The LOMA RS1 Superlight forged wheels in 22-Inches are matching the Bentley Continental GT W12 lines, so perfect that you run out of words. Do we wonder that another client decided to finish Beluga Black? No, because it is one of the most beautiful colors we ever created. The client in Abu Dhabi also decided to take the next step and lower the car with our suspension upgrade. It is made in perfection, just as everything else that LOMA offers. Adjustable up to 70 mm +/-, you keep the ride quality but gain a super sportive look for your Bentley. Overall, Bentley Tuning from LOMA is off the charts and for the Gentleman, which recognizes this difference first. Contact us today to get your LOMA package.

Here some facts about the new Bentley GT:

There's a critical point in Bentley's timeline that we can call BC: Before Continental. So vital was the first Conti GT – not only for sales but setting a template and tone for the whole brand – that you could easily argue that were it not for the two-door coupe, Bentley might very well not be with us today. The most successful luxury car of modern times? Quite probably. And now it's into its second generation. It must sell well, and it must still be the focal point for the whole brand to embody what a Bentley is while the Bentayga SUV makes the big bucks elsewhere in the range. It's a beautiful thing, the new Conti GT, at least in profile, where the front wheels have been shifted forward to improve the weight distribution and drop the engine lower and further back in the chassis.

In fact, 55 percent of the weight still sits on those front wheels, but there's less of it than before – the body alone is 80kg lighter, helping the new Conti GT weigh 'only' 2,244kg. But Bentley has made no secret of the fact that a hefty curb weight actually helps deliver the road-crushing stability and momentum that characterizes the way its cars drive. They're knowingly bulky things. Powerful 48v electrics from the Bentayga are used – among other things – to manage the suspension, with actuators on front and rear anti-roll bars combating body roll. The set 40:60 power split is now fully variable. Actually, it sends 100 percent of torque to the rear wheels as often as possible to benefit fuel efficiency and emissions.

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New Bentley Continental GT Custom Forged Rims satin Titanium.

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