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New Bentley Continental GT Tuning.

New Bentley Continental GT Tuning.

The new Bentley GT Tuning by LOMA is simply next level.

New Bentley Continental GT Tuning by LOMA with the TrackSpec® Technology transforms the new GT into a very aggressive looking but still luxurious beast. The new Bentley Continental GT Tuning contains the Bentley aftermarket wheels and an ECU Chiptuning upgrade for better response, more power, and better fuel economy during regular driving. The new Bentley Continental GT is in its 3rd Generation and still mind-blowing. Bentley fans all over the world love the Continental GT from the beginning. We offer a beautiful rim set called LOMA RS1 Superlight in 21 or 22 Inches. Made from European Forged T6065 material, the rims are very lightweight and around 30% harder than the forged material coming from the US or China. On the front, we mount 22×9,5 and on the rear 22×11,0 sizes, which is the first time in the GT history, to have a front and rear differential. The Bentley factory offers from the start a 22-Inch option. Still, for those that do not love the design that much, we at LOMA have endless possibilities to individualize your set. From a floating cap up to race optics, you name it.

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New Bentley Continental GT Custom Wheels with TrackSpec® Technology.