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Porsche 997 Custom Forged Wheels.

Porsche 997 Custom Forged Wheels.

20 Inch Porsche 911 Custom Wheels.

Porsche 997 Custom Forged Wheels in 19, 20, or 21 Inches. The Porsche 997 custom forged wheels by LOMA reborn with the TrackSpec® Technology. Well, welcome to the world of this yellow Porsche 997 Turbo. After receiving a 9ff power upgrade, you can be sure to have a rocket-like forward pressuring Monster. The 3,1 Seconds are needed to hit the 100 kph (60 mph). In this case, it is perfect that the car has no double-clutch gearbox. The old fashion one from Mercedes has a lot more durability or modifications, at least in the 997 Turbo models. Of course, the Porch was lowered with a set of sport springs, and of course, some proper forged wheels were installed. In this case, it is the LOMA VFF Superlight in 20" x 9,0 and 20" x 12,0 with a set of sport tires. To get an even more sportive look, the VFF custom wheels have a visible rivet or bolt-ring if you want, which sparkles nicely in the shadow of the high gloss Gunmetal finished forged rims. Porsche tuning on a level where you can say, Yes, I drive this damn thing daily to the groceries and back without any sacrifice, is rare these days. Sometimes, such companies find the perfect balance between being Rocket-Man and a sexy daily outfit. Contact us today to get a quote for your set on Porsche wheels made by LOMA.

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From where I’m sitting right now, it can’t get much better for an exuberant 911 fanatic. Suitably nestled into the carbon-backed, no-cost optional bucket seats inside a 997 Turbo S perched high above the Yorkshire Dales, I’m on what appears to be the very zenith of a beautiful sweeping valley overlooking the sleepy village of Hawes.

However, I might add there’s only Ali Cusick between me and a tantalizing drop down – yet the unflappable photographer is continuing to beckon the car forwards. Unperturbed, I allow the 997 to crawl inch by inch over the uneven grassy terrain towards Ali, as my trust in the esteemed photographer battles with nerves heightened by no longer being able to see the floor in front of the 911s headlights.

And yet, as Ali finally signals for me to stop the car and kill the engine, I marvel at how the Turbo S has accomplished this potentially tricky task at low speed so admirably.

There were no engine jolts and no strain in my left thigh from trying to manually balance some overtly heavy clutch typically designed to revel in extremes of torque and not a near idle speed.

I say this as I’ve been at the wheel of other similarly powered high-performance sports cars marred by such problems when failing to remain composed in stop-start commuter traffic, let alone on an uneven plinth halfway up a small mountain. And yet, the 530bhp Turbo S allowed me to negotiate the short path – at a speed of no more than two mph – with sensationally zero fuss.